Breakside Brewing

With so many breweries in Portland, how do you choose where to go (and more importantly, to go back to)? Well, if you’re me, you’ve found your sweet spot at Breakside Brewery’s pub… Continue reading


New favorite brunch place? OMG. I just don’t know, you guys. Let’s figure this one out. I had been wanting to try Trinket like, FOREVS but I knew trying to go on a… Continue reading

Brunch Village – Feast Portland

There is a very real chance that I may still be recovering from my experience at Brunch Village (oh, excuse me, that’s Tillamook Brunch Village to you, sir) – ¬†which took place last… Continue reading

3 Doors Down

            It’s Friday. It’s also a long weekend. While you’re gearing up for Labor Day, I’m writing about one of my favorite restaurants in Portland – 3 Doors… Continue reading

Bad Habit Room

Google ‘Bad Habit Room Portland, OR’ and you’ll see under BRUNCH the description:¬†Enjoy a wholesome brunch at Bad Habit Room every weekend … You know what, I may just do that. SET THE… Continue reading


It makes me so happy when I have an experience so lovely and memorable, the act of writing about it gives me almost as much pleasure as doing the eating/dining (key word: almost).… Continue reading

Portland Burger Week 2015

Subtitle: How I gained 5 pounds in one week. As I write this post, my jeans are unbuttoned and I’m still bursting at the seams. With great beef comes great responsibility. After 6… Continue reading

Old Salt

Have you ever looked at a menu and just been like, yeah, I’ll take one of everything, that would be great – before you realize that you are a human being and maybe… Continue reading

Market Fuego Fiesta – James Beard Public Market

The food culture in Portland continues to astound me. In lieu of my typical restaurant review, I’m taking today to review my experience at the Market Fuego Fiesta on August 2, which took… Continue reading

Veritable Quandary

I’M SO EXCITED to review one of my FAVORITE places in Portland! Veritable Quandary (or VQ) is one of the most consistently delicious places and usually where I end up choosing for special… Continue reading